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Mighty Ground

Our Story

Ronald Troy Collins lives on the streets of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. In order to get by, he sings for money. Most folks pass him without notice, assuming he’s just another homeless guy begging for money, but the people who actually stop to listen, find themselves in a state of kismet. It’s from the streets that he has attracted these listeners, but from an otherworldly place that he has conjured up his deemed, “board of directors": a hipster journalist couple fresh out of college who sometimes let him crash on their couch, a rapper and a movie producer, a menagerie of vocalists, a liquor store owner named Papa and a music producer, not to mention a film crew, all brought together by the soul-connection they've encountered with this man. Ronald continually mystifies with his prophetic voice; it’s tonal qualities echoing the darkness of his past and present circumstances, and the accounts of his audience allude to a certain unnamable magic, which engenders quick bonds that cross racial and economic lines. This is an auspicious time in the life of Ronald. The love he receives from the people he has sung into his life offers a unique opportunity for personal redemption and transformation. 

Mighty Ground follows the journey of a gifted songwriter named Ronald Troy Collins, a homeless man living on the streets of Skid Row, and the impact he makes on those who come to love him. A living example of redemption and what it means to transform oneself from rock bottom.


Introduction to Inspiration

Panhandling and dirty tent rows overwhelm our neighborhoods. We become more apathetic but it’s too hard to ignore. As this human rights crisis grows, this story picks up where the stats left off. Mighty Ground follows the life of one man, Ronald Troy Collins, and the impact a handful of people have on making his dreams a reality.

Ronald's transition from the streets to the stage is a 

real-world story of hope and inspiration. 

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